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South African-Italian singer, songwriter and violinist Rivkah Hope has been recognized by Grammy award-winning producers of artists like Bruno Mars, Elton Jon, and NF as an eclectic all-rounded musician. Rivkah Hope has quickly progressed from a South African folk singer and songwriter to an international hit maker and performer.

Hope’s powerful vocals and dynamic songwriting has landed her in theSpotify UK top 40, Official Ibiza Party Album, Top 10 on South African radio and performing at some of the best venues in the US and Poland.

Her journey as a solo artist started in 2014 when she left her homeland South Africa with nothing more  than the will to discover adventure and learn more about the world. She has just translated those experiences into her latest EP released in February 2017 entitled Globetrotter (for obvious reasons).

Her sound is an eclectic mix of strong vocals, electronic productions and a strong influence of the keys. She has worked with producers from all over the globe to bring you a unique piece.


“Expect a happy dance feel and Sia-esque vocals.” – Glamour Magazine

“Hear Rivkah’s sweet singing voice in “Heart of Steel” and her pop folk tracks” – Soundcloud

“Her fresh electronic sound and soulful vocals on her latest EP entitled Globetrotter (for obvious reasons) demonstrates her interesting tales from these travels.” – Cape Town Lately





The Study, Hollywood

The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood

Harvelle’s, Santa Monica

Bourbon Street Blues, Nashville, USA

Blaauklippen Market, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Ara Club, Gdansk, Poland

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

New Orleans Cats, Nashville, USA

Fahrenheit, Gdansk, Poland

Jungle Monkey Festival, South Africa

US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, USA

Artscape, Cape Town, South Africa

Endler Hall, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Masonic Centre, Cincinnati, USA

KKNK Festival, South Africa


Flock Fashion


Hajila Movement

Fashion Imperial


“Rivkah Hope has proven to be above the average artist in South Africa by incorporating a diverse team in her performances, writing unique lyrics and blending different music genres.”  – Charlie Hamilton, Award-winning Producer (South Africa)

“Her songwriting skills (in English), hard work, initiative and vocal talent has allowed her to progress in the music industry worldwide.” – Cristian Milano, Producer of X Factor Italy

“Rivkah is adaptable and her voice appeals to different markets. We are grateful for her contributions to our genres of house and electronic music where her leading vocals resulted in many great successes.” – Szymon Palejko, TOS Records (Poland)

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